Pos.Finish time Participant
13:45:22Ben Thomas
23:58:45Steven Renny
34:02:05James Wright
44:04:05Alex Armstrong
54:08:15Michael Irving
64:13:39Lucy Colquhoun
74:14:04Ian Cocks
84:15:46James Largey
94:18:01Andrew Sprague
104:18:01Daniel Mullinder
114:21:52Scott Parry
124:22:48Stephen Little
134:24:06David Chell
144:28:46Adrian Kamis
154:30:15Peter Shipley
164:31:39Lee Mather
174:32:09Carolyn Millican
184:32:20Paul Bassindale
194:32:54Chris Grose
204:34:59Nickey Russell
214:35:19Kieran Horrigan
224:39:23Russ Platt
234:41:01Penny Browell
244:42:59Bradley Stone
254:44:32Nathan Ball
264:45:14Alex Dalton
274:46:15Philip Smith
284:46:32Mike Ferguson
294:46:35Laurence Cuinu
304:46:47Dave Sims
314:47:47Robin Livingstone
324:48:04Adrian Conlin
334:48:59Matthew Tyson
344:48:59James Taylor
354:52:03Robert Thirkell
364:53:33Stephen Benson
374:54:07James Hewitt
384:54:56Andrew Sugden
394:55:00Louise Dermott
404:55:00Andrew Foster
414:57:04Matt Barker
424:57:37Andrew Harrop
434:57:50Daniel Mottershead
444:58:07Sam Carr
454:58:12Jonathan Cox
464:58:43Peter Higgins
474:59:08David Morrison
484:59:24David Connolly
494:59:54David Brunton
505:00:28Mark Welch

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.