Pos.Finish time Participant
1516:26:47Gary Stafford
1526:27:15Andy Baker
1536:28:10Nigel Prue
1546:30:28Mike Willoughby
1556:30:33Lucie Le Coq
1566:31:33Sam Tomlins
1576:35:16Paul Land
1586:37:04Darren Potter
1596:38:51Craig Taylor
1606:40:02Steve Garner
1616:40:18Jonathan Betts
1626:40:25Tom Mitchell
1636:40:28Philip Haddock
1646:41:25Jayne Land
1656:43:02Lindsay Graham
1666:43:31Sarah Thorne
1676:43:53Carol Bedwell
1686:44:37Chris Collings
1696:47:07Anthony Roome
1706:50:59Laura Bennett
1716:54:43Stephanie Hulford
1726:54:59Simon Whiter
1736:55:19Guy Lambert
1746:59:17Garry Richards
1756:59:17Kath Padgett
1767:01:19Anne Oxbrough
1777:01:19Thomas King
1787:02:46Alan Metcalf
1797:06:11Tony Hart
1807:06:14Aimee Midgley
1817:09:58Andrew Turner
1827:13:10Gareth Swain
1837:26:16Angela Moore
1847:31:23Ben Steele
1857:31:24Graham Sykes
1867:31:50Kathryn Roberts
1877:31:51Kerry Peters
1887:31:51Chrissy Geist
1897:32:19Ben Johnson
1907:32:20Steve Waterhouse
1917:32:53Lee Winter
1927:32:53Peter Humphries
1937:32:56Nick Thomas
1937:32:56Steve Ward
1957:32:57Martin Howard
1967:32:57Stephanie Illingworth
1977:32:57John Heap
1987:32:59Gina Bailey
1997:32:59Joseph White
2007:33:01Chris Haselden

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.