Pos.Chip time Participant
512:31:19Neill Jobling
522:31:30Jack Wood
532:31:31Georgios Chatzopoulos
542:31:44Molly Hale
552:32:17Hayley Bird
562:32:33Kirsty Suddes
572:32:51Mark Clayton
582:34:40Andrew Mcgivern
592:34:44Helen May
602:35:18Jessica Straw
612:35:44Paul Snaith
622:37:26Dom Roe
632:38:00Elizabeth Ginns
642:38:05Rachael Bartholomew
652:38:34Chris Hurcomb
662:40:12William Scott
672:40:25Andrew Short
682:40:32Mark Yare
692:40:36Christian Markham
702:40:54Catherine Hartle
712:41:13Vivienne Heaton
722:41:13Tom Oldfield
732:41:19David Pearce
742:41:21David Vaughan
752:41:55Neil Richmond
762:42:00Nick Fowkes
772:42:07David Clarkstone
782:42:31Paul Ryan
792:42:35Alasdair Meek
802:42:39Phillip Aldridge
812:42:46James Birkley
822:42:54Victoria Lea
832:43:06Sarah Lakeland
842:43:14Helen Jones
852:43:23Charlotte Buxton
862:43:38Clare Crabtree
872:43:43Craig Murray
882:43:49Jon Overment
892:44:03David Laybourn
902:44:13Chris Pearson
912:44:17Jacob Gloor
922:44:29Emma Jones
932:45:55Andrew Turland
942:45:56Martin Landells
952:46:03Amanda Worsley
962:46:07Brian Mason
972:46:10Anne Hoe
982:46:25Jo Hedges
992:46:45Marc Howes
1002:46:48Keith Tyler

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk

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