Pos.Chip time Participant
2013:03:31Chris Connor
2023:03:38Fiona Wright
2033:03:50Michael Reeves
2043:03:55Norma Macleod
2053:03:56Andrew Baxter
2063:03:58Richard Plows
2073:04:10Beccy Huntley
2083:04:13Robert Wilson
2093:04:14Robyn Gilbert
2103:04:23Karen Barton
2113:04:42Chris Thomas
2123:04:48Maggie Armitt
2133:04:57Wendy Trehiou
2143:04:59James Mclean
2153:05:02Catharine French
2163:05:22Mark Ellis-Jones
2173:05:33Katie Frew
2183:05:43Jill Jones
2193:05:45Christine Murphy
2203:06:04Felicity Tomblin
2213:06:17Jon Gale
2223:06:19Andrew Brown
2233:06:27Joanne Lee
2243:06:47Sarah Ball
2253:06:50Oliver Astley
2263:07:01Tori Park
2273:07:09Antony Moss
2283:07:26Wendy Mellett
2293:07:31Graeme Courtney
2303:07:42Alistair Lockett
2313:08:01Will Bardin
2323:08:03Richard Gordon
2333:08:12John Wilkinson
2343:08:13Jamie Gillespie
2353:08:39Hollie Gerrard
2363:08:41Justin Chacksfield
2373:08:47Rachel Scholes
2383:08:57Shaun Brockhill
2393:09:01Rachel Gibbins
2403:09:30David Le Clercq
2413:09:34Nicola Edwards
2423:10:00Mike Oxford
2433:10:09Elspeth Murphy
2443:10:19Steve White
2453:10:23Martin Shewry
2463:10:46Neil Colquhoun
2473:10:54Duncan Bostock
2483:10:58John Vaughan
2493:11:09Ray Boggiano
2503:11:17Peter Foster

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk

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