Knockburn Loch Memberships 2019-20

Knockburn Loch Memberships 2019-20

Information and registration

1 April 2019 -
31 March 2020

Knockburn Loch Membership 2019-20

Renew your membership of Knockburn Loch using the Results Base online entry system.

We have 2 types of membership: 

  • Single Adult 
  • Joint / Family membership

All children under 18 are FOC, however need to be accompanied by an adult member (single / joint). 

Member benefits

  • Purpose dug loch for open water swimming and other water-sports. 
  • Tarmac cycle track
  • Football pitch
  • Network of tracks and trails throughout the 65 acre site.
  • Hot showers
  • Beach Volley Ball court

2019-20 Prices

  • New Member - Single £70.00
  • New Member - Joint / Family membership £90.00
  • Returning Member - Single £60.00
  • Returning Member - Joint / Family £80.00 
Please note a Family consists of 2 Adults and 4 children all of whom should be under the age of 
18 when they then become an Adult in their own right, Checks will be made on this and you pay be asked for extra payment to cover  over 18s
A booking fee will be added to the price of your Membership at Checkout

Opening times

Mixed Use - Swimming, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing and SUPs** 
Monday - Friday 0900 - 1700

Open Water Swimming**

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 1700 - 2030

Saturday and Sunday 07:30 - 1300

Early morning swimming (from June 1st - 31st August)**

Monday - Friday 0630 - 0900

Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing and SUPs**

Tuesday and Thursday 1700 - 2030

Saturday and Sunday 1300 - 1700

Cycle Track**

Monday - Friday 1700 - 2030

Saturday and Sunday 0900 - 1700

*Members can access the site outwith these times, however facilities can not be guaranteed due to other bookings and users. 

*There will be occasions when we are hosting events so access may be limited or not at all. We will advertise this information with as much warning as possible. 

Site Access

We have a secure entry system on the main gate and changing block door. As such, only persons in possession of a key fob may access the site and building during our opening hours. Please take the time to read over the site rules listed below.

When arriving at the site, once you have held your fob up to the round sensor, please allow the gate to open FULLY before driving through. Please do not follow the car in front straight in, please swipe your own fob. On your way out, pull up, leaving enough space for the gate to open FULLY, and only when it is FULLY open drive out.

If you are entering after the 1st June and have not renewed your membership, your fob will have been deactivated. Please press the buzzer and you will be let in if there is someone in the office. If this is not the case, then park up (not blocking the access) and use the pedestrian gate, hopefully you will find someone on site either in the conference centre or house.

To use the fob at the gate and changing rooms hold it next to the sensor with the green, orange and red lights. The orange and red light will go out, you will hear a beep and you will be granted access. If for any reason your fob is deactivated all 3 lights will stay on. Please contact the site manager to resolve issue.

Once in possession of your fob, please look after it and keep it in a safe place, as you will need it each time you visit the loch. Replacements for lost fobs will be charged at £10.

The fobs will only be active during our specified opening hours (above) with the exception of the changing rooms whereby you will be able to gain access for 60 minutes after last access to the site to allow for usage time once on site.

Please note: The system will lock you out of the changing rooms at 22:00 Mon-Fri & 18:00 Sat/Sun. Therefore you must have entered the changing rooms by that time or you will not be able to gain access. Once in, you can exit the changing rooms by pressing the exit button and the site by approaching the gate.

 Event information
01 April 2019
28 March 2020
31 March 2020
Strachan, Scotland
See map below
Registration is closed

Individual Renewal 18+: Price per participant
Price £60.00 + fee
Individual Renewal U18: Price per participant
Price £0.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant

Individual New Member 18+: Price per participant
Price £70.00 + fee
Individual New Member U18: Price per participant
Price £0.00 + fee
Fee: 6% per participant

Price per team
Price £80.00 + fee
Fee: 6%

Price per team
Price £90.00 + fee
Fee: 6%

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Knockburn Loch Memberships 2019-20

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