20 August 2020 -
30 September 2020

Run The World

Inter-Club Competition

Last Update: Friday 25th September, 3:00pm
(next update Monday 28th September)

As we hurtle towards the end of September both Holme Pierrepont and Wreake Runners extend their respective leads over their nearest rivals, both pulling a further 100-150km away from those below them. Holme’s lead means they’ve reached the Albanian capital, Tirana, whilst Wreake find themselves running up through the Dolomites. It looks unlikely that anyone will catch them at this stage!

The same cannot be said for third place. Harborough Social Runners have dropped out of the top three for the first time this month, with Birstall RC leaping ahead of both them and Stilton Striders into 3rd place. All three clubs currently find themselves in and around Rome, Italy and fight is far from over just yet. Birstall have an easily catchable lead of just 68km over Harborough Social, with Stilton less than 10km behind them. Who will finish in that 3rd spot is anyone’s guess at the moment!

As for the main field places remain generally unchanged since the start of the week. Wigston remain in 6th place, whilst Poplar are very slowly reeling them in, in 7th place. 200km currently separates them both in Switzerland.

Behind them another little battle is emerging between West End and Hinckley in the Italian Alps. Hinckley still have the advantage but West End have halved that lead down to just 130k and aren’t letting them get away.

Team Anstey retain their decent gap over group two having almost reached Barcelona, whilst the tightest race between Leicester Outdoor Fitness and Desford Striders rages on. The two have barely been separated by more than 100km since 1st September and whilst LOF retain the lead, Desford have pulled the gap down to just 38km once again. Both clubs have just left Madrid in Spain.

Beaumont RC continue to try to latch back onto the two clubs ahead of them but whilst they’ve also now passed over the border from Portugal into Spain, they remain some 200km behind.

Harborough AC and Huncote Harriers have formed a little group of their own, both on a running vacation in Portugal as it stands. Harborough lead Huncote by around 300km still and it remains to be seen whether they can be caught or not.

There’s been almost constant movement in the penultimate group these past few weeks and this week is no exception, with Hermitage Harriers fighting back once again and jumping back into 16th place over Social Trail Running Nottingham and The Unaffiliateds. The gaps remain small between the three clubs based around the French / Spanish border however as just 120km separates the three of them.

The LOROS runners seem to have finally come out on top of the back group of three having managed to build a significant lead over Roadhoggs over the course of the last 10-14 days now. Fleckney & Kibworth bring up the rear of the race but considering F&K didn’t expect to even cross the M25 when they started, they now find themselves on their way into Paris, just 40km behind Roadhoggs so they’re still in with a chance!

Looking at the TOP 25 competition now as we get to the business end of Run The World – assuming that Holme take the overall title then Wreake look set to take the top 25 prize with 5,800km covered between their top ten runners. Wigston, Birstall, and Hinckley remain in contention and are all around 5,400-5,500km, whilst the top 25 runners from Poplar and Stilton aren’t far behind either, having both covered more than 5000km too.

A quick reminder that when the main Run The World event comes to a close, we’ll be looking to give clubs another 5-7 days to log any final mileage before we call time and decide the winners based on where on the route each club has managed to run to.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!

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