Bluebell | Dawn on the Downs Trail Series 2021


Pos.Chip time Participant
2011:15:36Sarah Mccarthy
2021:15:44Sharon Wells
2031:15:49Leigh Reynolds
2041:15:50Abigail Reynolds
2051:16:11Richard Wells
2061:16:20Jane Layt
2071:16:23Abi Pendleton
2081:16:27Ruth Kaplan
2091:16:30Victoria Kaplan
2101:16:44Grace Henderson
2111:16:46Vicky Baldwin
2121:16:56Grace Botterill
2131:17:00Kristina Botterill
2141:17:17Catherine Considine
2151:17:48Allison Brett
2161:18:10Julie Midwinter
2171:19:40Amanda Batchelor
2181:19:46Lisa O’Connor
2191:19:53Millie Hyde-Smith
2201:19:56Tracey Bennett
2211:21:21Marianne Clark
2221:21:25Janet Gordon
2231:21:30Soo Sturrock
2241:22:39Somma Fowles-Teixeira
2251:25:01Ken Lawton
2261:33:10Jenny Cobby
2271:41:13LOUISE KORDA
2281:41:15Veronica Moore
2291:41:38Martyn Greaves
2301:44:51Derry Javis
2312185:25:21Mark Stimpson
--Natalie Tribe
--Chris Blackman

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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