Bluebell | Dawn on the Downs Trail Series 2021


Pos.Chip time Participant
11:01:17Laura Holt
21:01:25Paul Wishart
31:01:46Michael Ussher
41:03:25Martin Footman
51:04:46Oliver Day
61:04:53Jonathan Burrell
71:05:13Roger Norris
81:06:06Michael Stenning
91:06:30Paul O'Keefe
101:07:09Mike Green
111:07:44Joseph Hallam
121:07:51Simon Breivik
131:08:16Jonathan Babbage
141:08:44Amelia Brown
151:09:00Nick Bradford
161:09:14Jim Whitelegg
171:09:26Christopher Burgin
181:09:50Andrew Bowles
191:11:08Emma Macready
201:11:50Helen Sida
211:12:12Dean Morley
221:12:36Phil Grabsky
231:12:44Graham Powell
241:13:11Becky Pearson
251:13:36Richard Allen
261:13:56Anthony Snelling
271:14:31Richard Thompson
281:14:41Henry McLaughlin
291:14:51Rachael Woolston
301:14:55Henry Moeran
311:15:16Michael Osmon
321:15:28Darren Legge
331:15:34Andrew Clark
341:15:36Ed Warner
351:15:49Sarah Smith
361:16:17Henry Gauntlett
371:16:55Tara Shanahan
381:16:56Ellen Brookes
391:17:04Lucy Egan
401:17:13Des Adey
411:17:38Paul Hampton
421:17:50Euan Ramage
431:18:07Christopher Tees
441:18:14Steve Tinson
451:18:26Nicholas Page
461:18:32Rob Stapely
471:18:34Stuart Dennis
481:18:35Dan Caplin
491:18:50Richard Jerome
501:18:58Christopher Hall

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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