8 February 2021 -
7 March 2021

Run for the Trees is a fun personal challenge event for runners and walkers between February 8th and March 7th 2021 to keep you active while lockdown restrictions are in place.

It can be completed local to home and will leave a positive footprint on the environment: the more miles you cover the more new trees will be planted in the National Forest. So it could be the most carbon positive event you'll ever do!

How it works

There are 3 levels to choose from plus, for the very ambitious, the option of trying to achieve a 'PEAK SLAM'.

Each level has a mileage target for you to aim for during the 28 days of the event.

The Cherry Challenge = 50 miles (80.5 kilometres) - £15 entry

The Lime Challenge = 100 miles (160.9 kilometres) - £20 entry

The Oak Challenge = 200 miles (321.8 kilometres) - £30 entry

Plus there are a number of virtual races in the Peak Running Lockdown Race Series that you can take part in as you accumulate your mileage. These are based on Peak Running races that have not been able to take place physically due to the coronavirus crisis.

You can cover as few or as many miles you like during the one session of exercise you're allowed to leave home for each day. But if you cover the equivalent distance to any of the races in single outings, you can enter that run/walk into the virtual race. This is as well as the distances counting towards your overall total.

Everyone that enters ‘Run for the Trees’ will be given the option, at the end of the entry process, to also enter the ‘Peak Lockdown Race Series’. This allows you to take part in as many of the virtual races in the series as you like.

The races are:

  1. Solo Starlight: 3.2km (2-miles)
  2. Little Personal Bash: 5km (3.1-miles)
  3. Hob Hurst's at Home: 8km (5-miles)
  4. Personal Winter Bash: 16.1km (10-miles)
  5. Little Doorstep Dipper: 24.1km (15-miles)
  6. Doorstep Dipper: 42.2km (26.2-miles)
  7. Personal Peveril: 53.1km (33-miles)
  8. Lonesome Limestone: 80.5km (50-miles)
  9. My Millstone: 160.9km (100-miles)

If you achieve your target amount over the 28 days you'll receive a specially made coaster or medal crafted locally from sustainable wood. Plus you can compete for other prizes in various categories, including - but not limited to - the best performances in the virtual races.

And, there’s a special award for anyone achieving the ‘PEAK SLAM’ by completing all 9 races!

Part of your entry fee will go towards planting new trees in the National Forest, providing a legacy of more green space for our community to enjoy and a positive environmental impact. The more miles that are covered during the event, the bigger the area of new forest we create.

All participants will receive a 20% discount voucher from The Derby Runner.

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08 February 2021
07 March 2021
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