The Bryan Jones Virtual Tour of Pembrokeshire 2021 is not a race, it is a virtual cycling event to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease and The Paul Sartori Hospice at Home which can be ridden indoors or outdoors.

All participants taking part agree to comply with their government’s guidelines on minimising the spread of COVID-19 and confirm that if they are displaying symptoms, they will not take part outdoors.

All participants will be entirely responsible for the distance and route they choose to ride and will comply with the rules governing the use of a bicycle on a highway in the country in which they’re riding. Riders must make sure that they and their bicycles are correctly prepared and capable of completing their chosen distance safely.

The Tour of Pembrokeshire organisers are unaware of a rider’s geographical location, the distance and or route they’ve chosen to ride, their level of fitness or ability or the conditions in which they’re riding, the organisers cannot be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for their health and wellbeing or any other safety related aspect of their ride. Riders therefore enter this event entirely at their own risk and within the law governing their geographical location.