Participant Distance
Adam Luckwell60 miles
Adam SawyerDefer to 2022
Adrian Owens60 miles
Adrian ThomasDefer to 2022
Aidan Jones103 miles
Alan RiceDefer to 2022
Alan Richardson103 miles
Alan ThomasDefer to 2022
Alan WatkinsDefer to 2022
Aled Nicholas60 miles
Aled Thomas60 miles
Aled Williams103 miles
Alex Coleman103 miles
Alex Griffiths103 miles
Alexandar KirovDefer to 2022
Alison Morris60 miles
Alison Speechly60 miles
Alun Edwards103 miles
Alun HarriesDefer to 2022
Alun MorganDefer to 2022
Alyson FryDefer to 2022
Amanda Wastnage80 miles
Andrea Hamer60 miles
Andrew AlfordDefer to 2022
Andrew Bentley103 miles
Andrew Burns60 miles
Andrew CanningDefer to 2022
Andrew Church80 miles
Andrew DavisonDefer to 2022
Andrew Eagles60 miles
Andrew HiltonDefer to 2022
Andrew Hughes103 miles
Andrew Joseph21 miles
Andrew KellettDefer to 2022
Andrew Martin103 miles
Andrew Mengel60 miles
Andrew Owen80 miles
Andrew Pearce103 miles
Andrew Rees103 miles
Andrew Thomas80 miles
Andrew Williams103 miles
Andy Henderson103 miles
Andy Lumsden21 miles
Andy MeehanDefer to 2022
Andy Parr103 miles
Andy Quinn103 miles
Anna MeehanDefer to 2022
Anna ThomasDefer to 2022
Anne Anderson60 miles
Anne Huckle21 miles