31 July 2021
Ultra Black Trails - A Maverick Race powered by MOJU

Introducing Ultra Black Trails: an Ultra Black Running X Maverick X MOJU trail running event with its sights set on tearing up more than just the glorious British countryside.

Founded and led by trailblazing run coach Dora Atim, Ultra Black Running is a community dedicated to pulling down physical, emotional and financial barriers that prevent black women and gender nonconforming people from taking up running.

Now, we want to level the playing field even further: by championing runners from all backgrounds to lace up and step out onto the Maverick trails - safe in the knowledge that you're fully supported as one of the CRU. Round here, we all cross that finish line together.

Whether you feel like you're not represented on that start line, or you want to help make this a sport where everyone belongs: now's the chance to be a part of the change.

So, what are you waiting for? The great outdoors awaits and it's time to shake shot up.

Any questions?