Dawn on the Downs Trail Runs 2022


Pos.Chip time Participant
11:08:48Garry Turner
21:11:24Wesley Adams
31:11:47James Ticehurst
41:12:33Roger Norris
51:13:10Matt Sealby
61:14:21Nicole Allan
71:16:02Will Biffen
81:19:12Gareth Coombes
91:19:40James Brock
101:22:27Oliver Thomas
111:22:45Alice Robinson
121:24:12Katherine Amps
131:24:27Dudley Powell
141:26:01Danny Cunnett
151:26:36Jonathan Babbage
161:27:59Esther Fair
171:28:15Jack Newnham
181:28:38Adrian Oliver
191:28:52Chris Campbell
201:29:12Steve Mccusker
211:29:18Suzy Faulkes
221:29:22Graham Evans
231:29:31Derry Jarvis
241:29:42Anthony Coad-Guido
251:31:40Sue Jones
261:32:21Lucy Egan
271:33:04Michael Forsdyke
281:33:06Natasha Swan
291:33:27Tom Foster
301:33:33Craig Blackman
311:33:59James Mann
321:34:37Gary Sheahan
331:34:44Matthew Legg
341:35:56Rob Piatt
351:36:53Sam Argyle
361:37:09robert Freeman
371:37:20Keith Moss
381:37:22Dave King
391:37:33Mark Webb
401:37:52Anonymous Participant
411:38:22David Thompson
421:38:40Michael Gomm
431:39:37David Donegan
441:40:27James Luto
451:40:29George Anckorn
461:40:51Christopher Hall
471:41:08Tim Keeling
481:41:13Gemma Butler
491:41:18Anna Davey
491:41:18Emma Gillam

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@rawrunning.co.uk