Pos.Chip time Participant
154:03David Green
256:10Alistair McDonnell
356:44Andrew Siggers
457:06Neil Smith
557:16Tom Greeves
657:23Matt Burdus-Cook
758:23John Wayland
858:58Ian Mansell
959:09James Price
1059:45Richard Liggatt
111:00:48Mike Bracken
121:01:21Roberto Ortolan
131:01:28Daniel Thomas
141:01:32Bede Teeton
151:01:49Pawel Langer
161:02:05Craig Holmes
171:02:16Richard Spear
181:02:34Richard Thomas
191:02:37Hayley Munn
201:02:47Chris Wilson
211:03:13Kate Wright
221:03:46Tim Hutchinson
231:03:47James Cox
241:04:30Harry Purewal
251:04:36Vicky Neason
261:04:55Bruce Whitehead
271:05:32Paul Huckle
281:05:42Natalie Bhangal
291:05:48Seth Turner
301:06:08Trevor Wilkinson
311:06:11Matthew Hathrell
321:06:13Nick Lawrence
331:06:30Alice Belcher
341:07:19Richard Owen
351:07:34Ben Allee
361:08:10James Coy
371:08:14Martin Poole
381:08:19William Morgan
391:08:34Steven Turvey
391:08:34Ashley Gardner
411:09:08Peter Sugden
421:09:15Joe Chick
431:09:39Zara Hadfield
441:09:41Peter Cowler
451:10:05Christopher Noble
461:10:26Bill ROBINSON
471:10:37Mark Bonham
481:10:39Rob Day
491:10:40David Hartopp
501:10:54Daniel Clarke

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: randn.enquiry@virginmedia.com