Following the postponement of the MK Winter Half (originally 10 Dec 2017) due to the snow forecast for race day (and it really did snow!) you now have the option of changing your 2017 entry to the new event date of 18 Feb 2018 or deferring your entry to the 2018 event on 9 Dec 2018.

To make the choice you will need to log in to your profile on Results Base - if someone else made the entry on your behalf then THEY will need to make the change for you.

Step 1

Once logged in to your profile select the My Area menu (at the top of the screen) and then select Your orders.

You will see all the orders you have placed, locate the one for the MK Winter Half 2017 and click the Signed up (n) link - see below. The number in the bracket indicated the number of runners that were signed up on the order.

Your orders

Step 2

The display will now change to show you the runners signed up on that order. 

Signed up runners

The Distance shown is the ORIGINAL date and if you wish to select one of the two alternates you need to click the Change link that is highlighted in the image above.

Step 3

The display changes to show you the distance options:

Select the date you wish to change to

Use the drop-down to select either the RESCHEDULED date of 18.Feb.2018 or the DEFERRED date of 9.Dec.2018 and then click the SAVE button.

Step 4

The screen now shows your modified entry with the new date.

Re-scheduled date

And that's it - you are now in the event for the date that you have selected.

If you booked multiple runners you need to do steps 2-4 for each of the runners (each can select either date).