Updating an entry that you have already purchased

All the information relating to an event entry is held in a record called a Ticket. This includes your contact details, the event distance that you entered and any specific options like wave and start times, options like a T-shirt, bus ticket, etc, and answers to questions asked by the event organiser. Your privacy settings are also available so you can select these by event rather than globally (that's done in your Profile).

Important update to Profiles

We have recently, mid-May 2020, made a major change to what information is stored in the Profile and what information is stored in the Order and in the Ticket. Please see this page which explains the changes in detail.

To find your Ticket for an event use the My Area menu (in the top bar) and select Your tickets. All your current tickets are shown here - remember that if someone bought your entry under their Profile the Ticket will be in their list, not yours.

You can get to the Event Information page using the INFORMATION button but the important stuff is all under CHANGES - see below.

Changing your address

Your address (and other contact details) are held in two places. They are stored in your Profile - this is the information we will use to contact you about orders, etc - and in each event entry Ticket - these are the details that the event organiser will use to contact you about the event.

You can update your Profile from the My Area menu but these changes are not copied to any current Tickets.

To update your physical or email address or phone number or club in the Ticket click CHANGES then Edit participant. NOTE: this information is stored separately for each event, it is no longer stored centrally in what used to be called an 'Athlete record'. You may need to update other Tickets for future events.

Changing your event options

Many events have optional items such as a T-shirt that you selected a size for and between entering the event and the day you may decide that you want/need to adjust some of this information. These details are held under the Change size/shop products.

The range of options available depends on what the event organiser has allowed so, for example, you might be able to change the T-shirt size to a Large but you might not be able to add an option like Camping or a Bus Ticket which were only allowed during the entry process.

Additional information/Questions

If you were asked any questions during entry - typically things like your swim time, how you heard about the event, if you are part of any special grouping within the event and any marketing information like travel plans, etc - then these will be found Edit questions.

Your emergency contact information can be updated using the View details and make changes option and then selecting the [Edit in case of emergency] link. It is critical that you do this if you have taken over an order from someone else using our transfer process.

Please note that the View details and make changes option shows the old view of your event entry (see below) and has all the links to make the changes described above. This view is being phased out and replaced by direct links like the ones above. Functionally the two methods of updating an entry are the same - if you are used to the old system it still works but will disappear.

If you have a specific question about making changes to your entry which is not covered by the content above please email us direct using this contact form.