Many events have additional components such as a T-shirt that you selected a size for, a requirement for an estimated time or start group. Between entering the event and the day you may decide that you want/need to adjust some of this information. These details are held under 'Your orders' in your profile ('My Area') where you will see a list of all the orders that you have placed through the system.

Simply find the relevant order, select the blue 'Signed up' link to see who you signed up for the event and then use the various blue highlighted links to go in and edit this information.

The range of options available depends on what the event organiser has allowed so, for example, you might be able to change the T-shirt size to a Large (use EDIT SHOP ITEM for all supplementary items that you added to an order) but you might not be allowed to change your start group.

If you were asked any questions during entry - typically things like your swim time, how you heard about the event, if you are part of any special grouping within the event and any marketing information like travel plans, etc - then these will be found under a link titled EDIT QUESTIONS.

Your emergency contact information can be updated using the EDIT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY link - it's critical that you do this if you have taken over an order from someone else using our transfer process.

Your privacy settings for this entry can be updated with the PRIVACY link, if you need to change these for all your orders/results then you need to do that at the Profile level.

When an option you want to modify is available just make the change and save it and the system will be updated (obviously don't change your T-shirt size the night before an event because by then it's far too late...)

Please note that if you need to update your address or phone number or club then this needs to be done in the Athlete record ('Your athletes') - the Athlete address is generally where any race packs will be sent by the organisers if these are being posted out.