Glow Run Southampton


Pos.Chip time Participant
5155:25Simon Wood
5255:35Matthew Saunders
5355:38Emma Bradshaw
5455:41Alec Dyer
5555:46Martin Dewied
5656:22Sam Dewhirst
5756:26Helen Edmondson
5856:31Darren Munns
5956:38Sally Mohamed
6056:45Katie Moore
6156:57George Sellors
6257:18Sam Cornwell
6357:23Fiona Watton
6457:29Fran Gunner
6557:32Steve Holloway
6657:43Freya Bailey
6757:45Joanne Bailey
6857:57Kathie Lock
6958:00David McDonald
7058:02Jules Dinwoodie
7158:13Amanda Fowler
7258:19Amber Chafe
7358:24Clare Ellis
7458:38Helena Demetriou
7558:53Catherine Warin
7658:56Kyle Beaumont
7759:02Emily Chambers
7859:06Katie Belchamber
7959:12Andrew Marshall
8059:21Jennifer Hallifax
8159:23Joe Hallifax
8259:26David Hickman
8359:30Diane Rice-Adams
8459:45Sheryl James
8559:48Ali Morant
8659:51Carol Sergeant
8759:53Karien Gladman
881:00:37Lizzie Horler
891:00:55Maria Azpiroz
901:01:00Alan Vidow
911:01:22Matt Logan
921:01:24Oliver Berney
931:01:27Cynthia Opdam
941:01:33Martyn Judd
951:01:48Jessica Lott
961:03:13Jenny Shipman
971:03:15Sheena Eames
981:03:20Tom Randall
991:04:09Booby Harriosn
1001:04:13Sarah Stanbury

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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