Tri Liverpool (British Triathlon Championships) 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Alex Lawton1:56:20
2Alex Foster1:57:30
3James Hockin1:58:09
4Benjamin Goodall1:58:12
5James Travers1:58:27
6Simon George1:58:45
7Scott Thomson1:59:41
8Ian Turner2:00:01
9Ian Dempsey2:00:03
10Richard Ebbage2:00:13
11Martin Jessup2:00:15
12Sam Brand2:00:17
13Oliver Blake2:00:38
14Angus Smith2:00:52
15James Wilson2:01:07
16James Beechey2:01:54
17Iain Gillam2:01:58
18Martin Gore2:02:08
19Hywel Davies2:02:09
20Andrew Woodroffe2:02:12
21William Kirk2:02:42
22Sean Wylie2:03:23
23Ian Roberts2:03:32
24Adam Robinson2:03:40
25Stewart Moore2:03:43
26Paul James2:03:44
27Nick Zissler2:04:00
28Christopher Davies2:04:03
29Oliver Wright2:04:04
30Kurt Hatwell2:04:15
31Patrick Tierney2:04:21
32Daniel Guerrero2:04:51
33Antony Bell-Scott2:05:20
34Stuart Robinson2:05:24
35Michael Pugh2:05:39
36Tom Williams2:05:52
37Jon Reilly2:06:33
38Vanrisch Mclean2:06:49
39Ian Fagan2:07:06
40Tim Ashelford2:07:15
41Garry Walker2:07:17
42Tim Dodkin2:07:20
43Alfred Chapman2:07:24
44James Richards2:07:27
45Andy Bourne2:07:28
46Dean Evans2:07:38
47Garry Palmer2:08:07
48Kris Whitelaw2:08:13
49Rob O'loughlin2:08:18
50Jack Plummer2:08:27

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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