Tri Athy 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1David Sheridan4:20:17
2Lucys Team (relay) 4:24:23
3Mark Doyle4:32:33
4John Wods4:35:25
5Simon Barry4:35:36
6She'S The Fastest (relay) 4:35:40
7Oliver Harkin4:36:26
8Eric Clinton4:36:54
9Sam Hunt4:37:46
10Sean Mccann4:39:59
11William Owens4:41:50
12William Rock4:48:07
13Stefan Treacy4:48:53
14Patrick Muckian4:50:17
15Brian O'sullivan4:51:05
16Liam Butler4:51:29
17Pat Fitzgerald4:52:55
18Gareth Donnelly4:53:37
19Gary Crossan4:53:44
20Aileen Flynn4:54:16
21Stewart Mckenna4:57:12
22Edward O'mahony4:58:13
23Niall Mcv4:58:24
24Kevin Cassidy4:59:00
25Derek Leahy4:59:15
26Fergal Daly4:59:44
27Colin Teevan5:00:06
28Paul Griffin5:03:33
29David Keaney5:03:42
30David Mccarthy5:03:50
31Hugh Carberry5:03:56
32Nigel Roy5:04:09
33Kitty Perle5:04:21
34Steven Moody5:05:02
35Philip Ellis5:05:47
36Mariusz Sznajder5:08:30
37Roger Rice5:08:48
38Colm Hurley5:08:53
39Gavin Williamson5:09:17
40Gavin Gray5:12:08
41P.j. O'neill5:13:24
42Mervyn Mc Dowell5:13:55
43Patrick O O'donnell5:14:35
44George Sherwood5:15:17
45Jason Thompson5:16:21
46Cian Kelliher5:17:23
47Ivan Sheridan5:17:24
48Christen Mcmaster5:17:51
49Nigel Thomson5:18:10
50Brian Conroy5:18:14

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.