Results Base Chiltern League #3 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
129:28Steve Naylor
230:33Steve Tuttle
330:36Luke Humphreys
430:52Liam Smith
530:58Jack Parslow
631:04Scott Halsted
731:27Damian Nevins
831:29Simon Millett
931:35Tom Crouch
1031:49Stephen Headley
1132:00Maxwell Robinson
1232:08Paul Adams
1332:09Jim Cooper
1432:12Sebastien Pencole
1532:14Luke Delderfield
1632:14Simon Coombes (N/S)
1732:22Josh Lunn
1832:23Chris Hearn
1932:26Aaron Burgess
2032:30Ian Grimshaw
2132:33Tim Harris
2232:35Jonny Suttle
2332:37Glen Wright-Colopy
2432:38Charles Wheeler
2532:41Stephen Green
2632:43Simon Kerr
2732:44Charlie May
2832:45George Wheeler
2932:50Adam Moore
3032:57Jamie Marlow
3133:00Jonty Wager-Leigh
3233:01Rhys Lewis
3333:06Harry Wells
3433:12Mark Crabtree
3533:17Ben Jones
3633:22James Tidd
3733:33Matt Judson
3833:33Tim Wright
3933:38Julian Critchlow
4033:44Sean Ledger
4133:44Mark Palser
4233:44Bill Hughes
4333:45Ross Threlfall
4433:46Andy Inchley
4533:49Josh Lyman
4633:50Richard Larsen
4733:51Chris Wood
4833:56Will Gardner
4934:00Bradley Lawrence
5034:08Fergus Campbell

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.