The Dirty Reiver 2017


11:22:39Carlos Abrahams
8:08:38Philip Addyman
14:45:11Joshua Alcock
11:04:46Shaun Aldcroft
9:54:31Matthew Aldridge
9:02:56John Allan
10:46:12Stuart Allan
11:32:18Craig Anderson
10:23:55Keith Anderson
10:29:24Scott Anderson
9:48:42Richard Andrews
10:18:02Will Armitage
8:18:29David Arthur
11:10:10Nick Ashmore
12:52:10Dave Asquith
10:12:01Dave Atkinson
9:08:56Justin Atkinson
9:20:25Neil Atkinson
12:36:01Saul Ayton
12:40:16Neil B
11:03:27David Bacon
10:34:32Robert Bacon
9:52:52Paul Bailey
14:16:41Gordon Bain
9:57:11Will Baker
10:07:05Robert Ballantyne
10:17:59Chris Barnard
9:27:26Callum Barnes
10:56:35Tim Barnes
12:48:22John Barron
9:57:45Andrew Beever
11:07:58Mark Bell
11:19:37Sean Bell
11:20:17Paul Bellamy
11:52:32Andy Bennett
8:59:21Will Beresford
9:54:51Steve Berry
14:01:21John Bishop
9:09:36Gu­berg Bj÷rnsson
10:05:55Colin Blacklock
12:31:08Dave Blair
11:13:22Andrew Blance
8:23:25Robert Bloor
8:44:24Paul Brant
8:18:50Tom Brazier
10:16:01Gareth Brookes
13:57:22Louise Brown
10:13:18Matt Brown
9:59:30Mitch Bryan
10:46:57James Bullivant

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