Merthyr Marathon Timing 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:50:01Matthew Jacklin
23:04:50Gavin Patterson
33:05:24Sam Mordey-Jones
43:19:18Keith James
53:19:48Philip J Williams
63:19:50Jeremy Isaac
73:20:53Gareth Price
83:21:59Robert Evans
93:23:45Carl Parker
103:25:37Mark Dunscombe
113:26:53Gary Herring
123:30:39Paul Collins
133:32:29Angie Sadler
143:32:47Neil Price
153:33:40Graham Mack
163:39:10Paul Thomas
173:40:09Christopher Nellins
183:41:01Shaine Regan
193:43:42Ian Warburton
203:45:17Richard Bleaney
213:46:48Jason Donovan
223:47:02David Evans
233:48:01Debbie Evans
243:48:27James Morgan Green
253:52:25Steve Chave
263:53:59Mark Owen
273:55:47Kim Provis
283:58:14Carl Donghue
294:00:37Paul Thomas
304:00:42Elizabeth Stokes
314:00:50Hayley Paterson
324:01:19Steven Phillips
334:03:13Chris Potter
344:03:29Chris Garlick
354:03:59Andrew Lawrence
364:04:51Paul Harris
374:04:52Daniel Phillips
384:06:11Richard Williams
394:06:30Jason Dixon
404:07:18Richard Ward
414:07:38Russell Dobbs
424:07:53Ivan Field
434:08:54Lee Yoxall
444:08:56Gethin Gibbon Whelk Rose
454:08:58Anna Gilmour
464:09:15Graham Halsey
474:09:43Alex Port
484:11:57Grant Wakeman
494:12:53Claire Sullivan
504:14:05Allan Green

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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