Lakeland Loop Cycle Sportive 2019

5:59:50Greg Adam
4:42:44Dean Adams
7:45:02Beverley Adamson
7:40:58Geoff Adamson
5:45:29Javier Alarcon
5:44:19Ricardo Alarcon
6:13:51Andrew Allen
7:13:34Gerry Anderson
5:29:53Shaun Anderson
5:36:23Mark Anthony
7:10:37John Archer
4:36:12Thomas Arkwright
6:33:00Pau Arrastraria Orti
5:50:30Mark Ashton
5:46:03Christian Atkinson
5:49:50Gus Ayala
5:43:54Andrew Bailey
7:20:32David Bailey
7:32:04Brendan Baird
5:54:19David Baker
6:19:18Robert Baldwin
5:10:23Richard Bardon
6:15:09Guy Barker
5:31:16Richard Barlow
7:20:34Stephen Barlow
6:56:59Adam Barnes
6:50:02Colin Barnes
5:42:21Dan Barry
6:33:44Matt Barton
7:34:27Ian Bate
4:18:09Stuart Batten
5:56:57Mark Bayles
5:57:05Richard Bayles
6:13:35Phill Beard
5:52:02Justin Beauchamp
5:58:32Myles Beck
6:11:11William Beck
6:48:12Gordon Bedford
6:08:56Alistair Bell
7:21:47Mathew Bell
6:49:27Raymond J Bell
6:17:01Brian Bennett
5:47:40Phil Bennett
4:14:41Mark Benson
4:57:42Dave Berry
7:57:23Ian Berry
7:34:43Melanie Berry
7:34:38Nikita Berry
5:54:26Kerry Beswick
6:51:09Keith Bevan

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

01257 251217