Steyning | Arundel Pool-based Triathlon Series 2021


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Will Russell1:35:22
2Relay W I B1:36:38
3Peter Younghusband1:38:49
4Jack Donaghy1:39:14
5Ben Terry1:40:41
6Mark Furth1:41:58
7Tom Robertson1:42:25
8Relay Mixed1:44:01
9Graeme Forrest1:44:13
10Eloise J F Luart1:45:13
11Lewis Davies1:45:24
12Sam Crofts1:47:56
13Relay Vets1:49:13
14James Cox1:49:22
15David Huckell1:49:33
16James Andrews1:50:03
17Roger Fairhurst1:50:27
18Tom Goddard1:50:37
19John Ferguson1:51:05
20Kerry McGawley1:52:34
21James Nellist1:53:33
22Scott Bodman1:54:11
23Mark Walford1:54:24
24Maciej Ozimkiewicz1:54:46
25Claire Powell1:56:04
26Fraser Moyle1:56:09
27Guy Reed1:56:56
28Gianni Shipp1:57:09
29Sam Baneke1:58:31
30David Reid1:59:03
31Duncan Wilding1:59:19
32Albert Sancho1:59:44
33David March2:00:18
34Chris Brooks2:00:30
35Tess Davison2:00:37
36Joe Hicks2:00:54
37Paul Turner2:02:14
38Silas O'Dea2:02:36
39Sophia Barrett2:02:48
40Jonathan Babbage2:03:50
41Lucy Butt2:04:38
42Harry Boulter2:06:21
43Nick Bolding2:06:49
44Charles Gardner2:06:56
45Eric Young2:07:28
46Keith Herman2:07:42
47Duncan Meadus2:08:06
48Julian Panter2:08:07
49William Yonge2:08:25
50Kevin Hancock2:08:33

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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