Saints and Smugglers 100 Mile Challenge 2024


Pos.Chip time Participant
13:58:21Johnny Hesnan
24:09:38Rick Nicholls
34:41:07Tom Snaith
44:44:42Thomas Silkstone
54:50:50Scott Clackworthy
64:56:52Fergal Stephenson
75:09:38Autumn Rolling
85:12:34Stacey French
95:14:04Jacob Summers
105:16:59Jiri Kempny
115:23:19Chris Agnew
125:28:02Ben Harris
135:28:41Dan Cocks
145:30:14Gail Hartill
155:35:43Adrian Massett
165:35:52Samantha Stone
175:42:12Neil Helson
185:43:47Thomas Danning
195:46:49Josh Butler
205:47:38Brandon Chapman
215:49:09Matthew Dalton
225:55:10Marty Barnfield
235:55:28James Stevens
245:57:41Leila matthews
256:09:47Michael Widger
266:14:46Michael Tonks
276:15:02Tracey Cullerton
286:27:00Avril Zinn
296:27:17Paul Grayston
306:27:45James Copp
316:27:53Bryn Kennard
326:38:59Ranald Wright
336:40:47Antony Boardman
346:49:47John Blake
356:49:53David Thomasson
366:56:09Paul Suddaby-Overton
376:58:26Anna Gough
386:58:30Lee Williams
397:08:07Jane Stephens
407:11:12George Maltby
417:17:53Vic Haymes
427:17:55Ricky Blackman
437:23:45Anita Merritt
447:24:32Paul Hughes
457:32:47Claire Todd
467:32:50Gemma Pateman
477:32:52Mrs Trish Quinn
487:41:15Rebecca O'Doherty
497:44:13Lucie Johnson
507:44:16Gemma Radcliffe

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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