Run Richmond Park 5k & 10k May-30 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
5153:44Robert Gornall
5253:47Claire Spencer
5353:55Robin Willoughby
5453:56Kevin Taylor
5554:03Adam Kybird
5654:08Andrew Raimbault
5754:09Kevin Sandall
5854:11Jennifer Cotton
5954:18Sam Thomas
5954:18David Tonry
6154:23Rob Elkin
6254:26Daniel Mcclean
6254:26Joanna Christou
6254:26Melissa Maczka
6554:32Peadar Andrews
6654:33Sylrzin Ferrec
6754:49Garry Hockey
6854:51Alex Garrett
6954:53Charlotte Mcdonald
7054:54Emma Pankhurst
7154:55Andrew Light
7254:58Ekaterina Abramenko
7354:59Paul Russell
7455:06Roeland Moleudar
7555:15James Curtis
7655:17John Laing
7755:24Ashley Campbell
7855:32Josh Carter
7855:32Zornica Pashova
8055:33Laura Carswell
8155:34Grant Hastie
8255:39Sally Biddlecombe
8355:43Katie Denyer
8455:47Bridget Mcgill
8556:06Vincent Gautheron
8556:06Gavin Crozier
8756:07Chris Davis
8856:08Martin Hastwell
8856:08Grant Mckean
9056:11Tim Nagle
9156:13Adolfas Kupliauskas
9256:15Rob Green
9356:17Catherine Brown
9456:27Sally Spencer
9556:28Sonia Quintao
9656:30Rosel Tallach
9656:30Charlotte Louise Jeffreys
9856:37Erin Tucker
9956:38Kathryn Rider
10056:46Myriam Ghedir

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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