Pos.Chip time Participant
16:19Samuel Hossack
26:44Biba Mills
36:50Braedon Loft
47:02Rainer Ott Galarza
57:03Jenson King
67:06Alex Mutton
77:06Paul Nixon
87:11James Roxburgh
97:16Gabriels Zeivots
107:16Kirsten Goodbourn
117:22Rowan Kirby
127:24Gabriel Rowlands
137:30Finlay Bailey
147:34Ruski Rizwan
157:38Kajus Palacionis
167:41Eoin Twomey
177:41Megan Byrne
187:42Jack Morgan
197:49Shannon Goding
207:49Oliver Cunch
217:52Ruby Jarrett
227:54Justin King
237:55Ethan Lyon-Lee
247:57Jackson Lang
257:58Peter Artemenkov
268:00Hamish Hutchinson
278:01Zach Whorlow
288:01Anna Mclaren
298:01Nate Andrews
308:05Isaac Dyball
318:05Vinnie Ward
328:07Nikolas Goudinakis
338:08George Peyton
348:09Oliver Menhennett
358:11Sebastian Harrison
368:13Callie Goodbourn
378:16Oliver Laing
388:16Jessica Hossack
398:16Darion Hermann
408:17Kieron Charman
418:18Rose Herbert
428:19Luke Mutton
438:21Andre Loison Brito
448:23Oliver Pack
458:24Maisie Roxburgh
468:25Joshua Burling
478:26Jack Norwood
488:26Oliver Baillie
498:28Chloe Anderson
508:28Angelina Diacci

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