Event entry/Returns/Refunds Policy

Event entries

All event entries purchased through this website are processed electronically. No physical delivery will be made, you will receive a confirmation email of your order to the email address that you registered with when you created your profile on Results Base. This email should arrive within a few minutes of your transaction but may take longer, please check your normal email filters, junk and spam folders if you have not received it within 12 hours.

Remember, the receipt goes to the person who paid - the profile owner - and not to the person who entered, even if they are the same person you may have different email addresses in the profile and athlete records (see our FAQ pages).

Please note that we send this receipt email as a legal requirement to provide you with a receipt for your payment, it is not a marketing communication and will not contain an unsubscribe link.

Note that all funds are debited from your payment account at the point of purchase - this applies to both event entry tickets and any merchandise or supplementary items on your order.

If, for some reason (eg expired card, lack of funds, incorrect card details, etc) your card payment is not processed the system will send you an 'unpaid order' email with a link to allow you to return to the order and pay for it within a specified period. Please note that while the 'paid' email will arrive immediately, the 'unpaid' one allows around 15-20 minutes for you to sort out the payment before it is sent. If you place and complete a second order instead of waiting for the payment link you'll still get the original 'unpaid' email after you have received the 'paid' email for the second one.

All transactions are processed via our payment gateway partner, SportsTiming.dk, although all receipts and transaction statements on your bank account or credit card should show Results Base alongside the payment. Under certain circumstances you may see Sportstiming DK, if you do this is not cause for alarm!

Your payment for the event entry is passed to the event organiser and your contract is directly with them, not Results Base Ltd.

If you have queries about the registration part of the process you should use our online@resultsbase.net email address to send us your questions. Please include your Order ID and the name of the event as well as any other relevant information in this email as this will enable us to start the process of helping you much quicker. Just saying "I entered the 10k..." is not going to help us find your order!

Event information communications

Once the event organiser has picked up your entry details they will contact you with further information regarding the event such as registration details, race pack distribution, race day schedule and so on. This communication will generally be by email and will be sent to the email address that you registered for each person that you signed up on the order. These emails are not marketing emails and are a legitimate use of your personal information under the general terms and conditions of use of this website and the Results Base service in general. Some organisers may post out race packs before the event and these are posted to the postal address registered for each person that you signed up on the order. For further information on our data privacy policy and your rights under the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation see our Privacy Policy statement.

Any queries about the event itself should be directed to the event organiser, we cannot answer questions relating to a third party event.

Booking fees

All orders placed through our system are subject to a booking fee. In some cases the organiser may absorb this as part of the ticket price but in the majority of cases they will pass this fee onto you as the entrant. This booking fee is not a surcharge for using a card to pay, it is a service charge to cover the costs of developing, maintaining and running the functionality we provide to the organisers.

If the booking fee is being passed to the entrant then that fee will be shown as a separate item and will be displayed throughout the booking process. If the fee is based on a percentage of the order (as opposed to being a fixed amount per entry or per order) then the total booking fee may not be shown until the final summary page simply because it is only at this point that the whole order is complete and the percentage can be calculated.

No additional fees for processing a credit or debit card will be charged by the payment gateway provider (ePay) in accordance with the EU Payment Services Directive which came into force in January 2018.

Change of personal details

Using your 'Profile' area you can review all of the information we hold in our database for you and your athletes. You can also review all emails both sent and received regarding transactions made on the system. If you need further information on how to update your Profile or Athlete details see our FAQ page.

Event entry refunds/transfers

Depending on the event organiser's policy, race entry fees may be non-refundable so please check your race entry information comprehensively prior to entering a race.

Where refunds are permitted by an event, all event refunds must be authorised by the organiser. Results Base will not process any refund requests without this authorisation so please contact the organisers first.

If an organiser does authorise a refund then this refund will only be made to the original payment card that was used to purchase the race entry.

Under some circumstances it may be possible to transfer entries to other races organised by the same company. In order to make such transfers we need to have authorisation from the organiser before we can continue so please use the online@resultsbase.net email address to let us know the details of the event you have entered and the event you wish to transfer to and we will pass that on to the organiser.

Some events will also allow for an entrant to transfer their entry to someone else in the event of an injury or other commitment preventing attendance. The process by which such transfers are carried out is fully explained HERE. Please note that altering the name of a participant by changing the athlete record in your profile does not transfer anything to anybody!

Faulty or unwanted items

Where any physical goods that were purchased as part of your event entry are delivered faulty or are unwanted because of incorrect size or colour we will exchange the item together with the equivalent first class return postage fee provided we are informed within 7 (seven) days of the original delivery date.

As with event entry refunds, if you require a refund for an item purchased as part of an event entry this will be dealt with by the event organiser and not Results Base.

Event entry/Returns/Refunds Policy

Revised 12 May 2021 (#3)