Pos.Chip time Participant
12:45:09Norfolk N Chance
22:46:21Team Lfr
32:52:23Kettering Town Harriers
42:57:20Happisburgh Hoppers
53:03:03Dirty Boys
63:04:40Parklands Jog And Run
73:06:36Top Cats
93:10:00The Mighty Four
103:13:56Fco Service B
113:18:37Runner’S United
123:22:42Sainsbury'S Spartans
133:23:16It'S All About The Coffee
143:25:44First County Flyers
153:26:00Rv - Chimp My Stride
183:27:41Orchard Academy
193:29:23Bling Chasers
203:30:28Sibling Rivalry
213:31:12Right Again This Time
223:31:43Croft Crawlers
233:32:17The Magical Mistry Tour
243:35:46Bsi Finance
253:37:10Run Fat Boys Run
263:37:47Used 2B Athletic
273:37:48Four Flyers
283:38:34The Four Hamsters Of The Apocalypse
293:38:37Team Rocket
303:39:09Oi Oi Savaloy
313:41:05Team Henn
323:42:07261 Fearless
333:42:35261 Fearless Three
353:45:21Walsh Wolfpack
363:46:31Mercedes-Benz Sprinters 2.0
373:49:13Addison Accounts
383:52:08Just Keep Running
393:52:29Rr Us Girls Can
403:55:20Wilson House Dental Practice
413:55:37Fco Services A
433:56:36Aff Man Eaters
443:57:09In It To Wing It
453:58:03Redway Thursday Ladies
463:59:07Scrambled Legs
473:59:29Here Come The Girls
483:59:30Saxon Sapphires
504:01:00Ricksters Followers

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