Pos.Participant Finish time
2Stuart De Freyne2:09:20
9Team | WTri - One sport is enough!2:21:35
12Dean Weldon2:24:34
21Tim Thurlow2:27:14
22Pete Cundall2:27:28
25Tony Baross2:28:18
38Simon Farrow2:33:46
51Craig Goodman2:40:39
75Team | Wootton old timers2:47:07
80Ben Griffiths2:47:49
99Ed Stivala2:53:10
117Team | 2 Divas and a Dude2:58:23
126Janet Mitchell3:00:36
141Team | Happy Wedding Anniversary Dad3:08:14
143Phoebe Lowick3:09:56
144Simon Mitchell3:10:41
146Team | 2 Gulls and a Buoy3:10:53
149Jo Ward3:12:20
153Carl Dillow3:16:54
-Victoria Ayliff-

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