Chip timeParticipant
3:27:12Andrew Charlton
6:33:32Sharon Chase
5:34:33Rowland Cheall
5:09:21Tracey Cheall
5:18:40Harriet Childs
7:10:24Lisa Childs
5:18:39Mark Childs
6:45:41Lorraine Chiverton
4:33:10Andrew Clark
4:30:49Fiona Clark
3:32:25Adrian Cobbin
4:20:38Robert Collingbourne
5:27:14Amy Collins
3:19:48Chris Collins
5:27:14Clive Colloff
5:06:36Dawn Cook
3:32:58Andy Cooper
5:40:56Peter Cooper
4:53:38Claire Coppard
5:58:34Nichola Cottis
3:41:15Nick Cresswell
4:17:20Daniel Crook
-Matthew Crow
6:10:25Michelle Crow
5:53:24Philippa Curphey
4:53:03Ian Curry
4:44:25Stephen Curry
5:58:32Chris Dahl
3:27:24Paul Daley
4:10:00Tom Dallman
5:53:31Kirsty Danse
4:39:48Scott Dark
5:29:23Angela Davies
5:05:47Chris Davies
4:21:28Guy Davies
4:13:10Alice Day
4:05:42Simon Day
4:21:58Nick Deakin
3:42:42Dean Denham
5:13:37Alan Denning
3:47:51Ben Diprose
4:26:41Rachel Dixon
3:50:44Ian Dorman
3:58:39Luke Doubt
6:22:40Colleen Dujardin
5:25:14Hanwell Duncan
5:25:53Louise Dunning
4:27:00Patrick Dwyer
6:07:59Christopher Early
4:26:53Adrian Edwards

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