Pos.Finish time Participant
511:01:16Piotr Kaminski
521:01:18Jonny Nelson
531:01:19Jonathan Birkett
541:01:26Carl Hamer
551:01:49Daniel Ormes
561:01:50Stuart Heatley
561:01:50Rob Bolton
581:02:03Stephen Ormson
591:02:09Chris Williamson
601:02:18Neil Williams
601:02:18Ian Jones
621:02:34Ashley Smith
631:02:37Stephen Horsman
641:02:42David Riding
651:02:44James Love
661:02:45Shaun Horsman
671:02:47Jayne Dickinson
681:03:34Nicholas Coleman
681:03:34David Holt
701:03:56Craig Mclean
711:03:57Will Cooper
721:04:08David Smith
731:04:14Amy Greenhalgh
741:04:18Eric Ranson
751:04:21Andy Hale
761:04:22James Bailey
771:04:28Nathan Griffith
781:04:29Paul Carruthers
791:04:41David Walker
801:04:45Chris Corrigan
811:04:52Joseph Gilbertson
821:05:02Jonny Wignall
831:05:05Peter Dore
841:05:19Dave Sharples
851:05:27Jonathan Marsh
861:05:39Simon Tubbs
871:05:41Richard Dunn
881:05:50Paul Sykes
891:05:51Jim Dickson
901:05:55Stuart Cunliffe
911:05:59Paul Blakemore
921:06:00Dave Prout
931:06:01Stephen Barlow
941:06:06Oliver Barber
951:06:09Stuart Tattersfield
961:06:11Chris Horridge
971:06:27Stephen Bailey
981:06:29David Raynor
991:06:37Andy Barker
1001:06:42Phin Mackness

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For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk