Pos.Finish time Participant
4011:43:14Katharine Crowe
4021:43:17Mark Grogan
4031:44:53Richard Fluskey
4031:44:53Bernard Mitchell
4051:47:01Steve Wilson
4061:47:26Nicola Oldham
4071:47:36Clare Heathcote
4081:47:37Elizabeth Lyon
4091:47:42Jason Dickinson
4101:47:43Sarah Brennan
4111:48:31Laura Singleton
4121:50:05Claudia Thompson
4131:50:07Peter Steele
4141:50:08Rhianne Gray
4141:50:08Spencer Payne
4161:50:27Andy Bury
4171:51:02Jennie Keighley
4181:52:12Nic Beveridge
4181:52:12Katherine Ashworth
4201:52:30Amber Okeefe
4211:54:02Victoria Dean
4221:54:03Samantha Lafferty
4231:54:39Frances Evans
4231:54:39Amy Watkin
4251:55:09Mike Brosnan
4261:56:25Russell Watkin
4271:56:47Hayley Brierley
4271:56:47Darren Handley
4291:57:56Gillian Morris
4291:57:56Ann Yates
4312:00:03Alicia Eccleston
4322:00:11Christopher Hill
--Richard Ashton
--Derek Cotton
DNF-Karen Moorfield

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