Pos.Finish time Participant
5153:44.00Iain Mitchell
5253:47.00Dave Kidd
5353:49.00Graham Hargreaves
5453:53.00Darren Glynn
5554:12.00Ian Canavan
5654:19.00Jonathan Marsh
5654:19.00Sharon Duthie
5854:26.00Gary Stafford
5954:32.00David Thomas
6054:35.00Shaun McMullen
6154:36.00Keith Atkinson
6254:39.00Holly Story
6354:42.00Carrie Stephenson
6455:18.00Phil Keeley
6555:20.00Caroline Mcbrearty
6655:51.00Andy Conley
6755:52.00Allan Lytollis
6855:58.00Graham Scope
6956:01.00Mark Bales
7056:04.00Sally Blackmore
7156:06.00Kathleen Batty
7256:07.00Michael Stock
7356:13.00Neil Wallace
7456:15.00Terry Moss
7556:19.00Nichola Stewart
7656:55.00Mike Thomson
7756:57.00Toby Ellis
7856:58.00Ross Williams
7956:59.00Rhiannon Robinson
8057:05.00Dale Patterson
8157:06.00Graeme Latimer
8257:18.00Neil Stevens
8357:26.00Andrea Fox
8457:27.00Oliver Quinn
8557:41.00Michaela Irving
8658:04.00Michelle Shuttleworth
8758:07.00Andy Baker
8858:09.00Paul Titterton
8958:10.00David Holliday
9058:18.00Mhairi Beattie
9159:09.00Barbara Deane
9259:13.00Gill Cox
9359:15.00Bill Duff
9459:21.00Connor Cross
9559:41.00Jason Crozier
9659:42.00Claire Dickinson
9759:50.00Colin Timney
9859:54.00Jason Watters
9959:57.00Mark Culshaw
10059:59.00David Barrow

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.