The Tommy 10k Run 2019


Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:05:06Katie Hamleton
1021:05:11Justyne Evans
1031:05:51Carsten Staehr
1031:05:51Ulrike Klaerig-Jackson
1031:05:51Nicola Kilkenny
1061:06:00Matt Thompson
1071:07:01Megan Westwood
1081:07:03Kimberley Mccourt
1081:07:03Maria Davis
1101:07:04Danielle Bolam
1111:07:22Jodi Spurr
1121:07:36Lorraine Hutchinson
1131:07:39Sonia Burrell
1141:07:42Emma Watson
1151:07:49Michael Gurney
1161:08:18Christine Lavery
1171:08:36Catherine Cantwell
1181:09:14Sarah Yates
1191:09:53Anthony Mongan
1191:09:53Heather Mclean
1211:10:08Laura Jorgenson
1221:10:12Ann Marie Jorgenson
1231:10:13Julie Young
1241:10:46Sarah Bramley
1251:11:22Margaret Bruce
1251:11:22Karen Clark
1271:12:45Elizabeth Hayden
1281:12:50Paul Thompson
1291:12:59Claire Mcbeth
1301:13:13Stephanie Hamilton
1301:13:13Victoria Barnes
1321:13:33Diane Petch
1331:14:26Julie Royal
1331:14:26Lynsey Ramshaw
1351:14:29James Mcginness
1361:15:03Diane Hender
1361:15:03Peter Ball
1381:15:09Ellen Williams
1381:15:09Gareth Evans
1401:15:15Rosemary Donkin
1401:15:15Sam Hall
1421:15:37Tracey Jayne Ross
1431:16:12Alyson Watson
1431:16:12Leoni Thompson
1451:16:35Karen Dent
1451:16:35Wendy Brown
1471:16:41Denise Summerbell Wood
1471:16:41Rebecca Mastrangelo
1471:16:41Susan Topping
1501:17:09Sharon Maconochie

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: