Adnams Virtual Suffolk Pub Tour 2021

Adnams Virtual Suffolk Pub Tour 2021

Information and registration

28 November 2021 -
5 December 2021

We’re delighted to offer the 5k, 10k and the Adnams Suffolk Pub Tour virtual challenges again this year between the 28th November and the 5th December.

  • Adnams 5 & 10k – walk, run, cycle, swim, hop, crawl, meander, we simply don’t mind how you do yours. Just upload your time to compete. It costs just £10 to take part and you’ll be sent a medal (which can double up as a coaster!) at the end.
  • Adnams Virtual Pub Tour Challenge – you have a week to complete the 40 mile pub tour, again you chose your method. Simply upload your distances as you do them, and you’ll see the stops light up as you reach them. It costs £10 to take part and you’ll be sent a medal (which can double up as a coaster!) at the end.

All profits from the three events will go to Adnams Community Trust which celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2020. The Adnams Community Trust was founded in 1990 to celebrate Adnams centenary as a public company. It is funded by a percentage of Adnams annual profits, mandated dividends, donations and legacies. The Adnams Community Trust awards grants to worthy causes within 25 miles of Southwold or, in the case of national charities, exclusively for the benefit of those living within 25 miles of Southwold. Grants normally range from £100 to £2,500 and the Trustees expect to see the results of their donations within one year.

If you’d like to use the event to raise money for Adnams Community Trust we’d be thrilled!

 Event information
28 November 2021
04 December 2021
05 December 2021
Registration closes 27 November 2021 12:00


In case of questions about the event please contact Adnams:

Sole Bay Brewery, IP18 6JW, Southwold
01502 727354

Any questions?

01502 727354