Arundel Lido Triathlon 2022


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Will Russell1:36:17
2Oliver Crossley1:38:30
3James Mapley1:42:21
4Benjamin Terry1:42:24
5Peter Younghusband1:42:54
6Mik Onions1:44:01
7Jack Donaghy1:44:30
8Team Alan Law Physio1:44:49
9Mark Furth1:47:10
10Anthony Jarvis1:51:16
11Sean Scott1:51:18
12Thomas Reynolds1:52:08
13Connor Murphy1:52:11
14Gemma Freeman1:52:38
15Joshua Lahiri1:52:46
16Aiden Wiffen1:53:48
17Simon Lenton1:55:19
18Matthew Woods1:56:53
19Luke Hooper1:59:38
20Ben Thomson2:00:02
21Aidan Welton2:00:08
22John Percy2:00:18
23Tom Plowman2:00:32
24Guy Reed2:00:35
25Robert Clegg2:01:28
26Christian Maltby2:02:08
27Keith Loudon2:03:08
28Shane hodgkins2:04:03
29Tom Foster2:05:24
30Richard Campbell2:05:59
31Michelle Peckham2:07:12
32Mark Vines2:08:17
33Graham Parrett2:08:20
34Robert Searle2:08:26
35Philip Scales2:09:12
36Samuel Milne2:09:54
37Andrew Carter2:11:12
38Silas O’dea2:11:13
39Oliver Nokes2:12:10
40Matt Stringer2:12:46
41Al Hews2:13:03
42Steve Charles2:14:07
43Rob Kinnison2:14:54
44Liane Davids2:15:07
45Michael Twine2:16:05
46Jonny Bennett2:17:40
47Charles Gardner2:18:10
48Elen Shepard2:18:32
49Owen Marfany2:21:11
50Russell Jones2:21:27

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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