Norfolk Super Hero Challenge 2014


Pos.Finish time Participant
14:15:14Dave Walker
24:15:14Niall McCallum
34:37:07Dan Guppy
44:37:09Marcus Hawkins
54:37:52Theo Brun
64:37:54Christian Brun
74:40:26Matt Davies
84:40:27Steve Burton
94:45:55Phil Ellis
104:45:56Russell DeBeer
114:45:57Lex Brun
124:46:00Charlie Ward
134:46:37Tom Coke
144:46:51Jimmy Goddard
154:47:05Steve Ellsey
164:47:16Hugh Somerleyton
174:52:47Matthew Riches
184:52:47Simon Riches
194:55:59Alex Scoles
204:56:02Dugan Aylen
214:57:34Neil Cosgrove
224:57:35Rob Brisbourne
234:58:36Jonathan Bates
244:58:41Harry Destacpoole
255:00:05Martin Beer
265:00:07Philip Beer
275:01:57Rupert Staines
285:01:57Marcus Hoare
295:04:54Oliver Sadler
305:06:32Nick Folland
315:06:34Will Garnet
325:07:22Mark Kitto
335:08:29Sam Kingston
345:08:33Ian Walters
355:09:43Simon Sale
365:09:54Marc Davis
375:10:12Will Lowe
385:10:14Ian Dougall
395:10:35Andrew Burgess
405:10:43Peter King
415:10:59James Arnold
425:11:01Nick Luscombe
435:11:53Jonny Bland
445:11:53Robin Brooks
455:12:52Benjamin Crystal
465:12:54Mark Lapping
475:12:54James Carter
485:12:56James Lapping
495:14:47Robert Newman
505:14:47Darren Thomas

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