Man Vs Horse 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:20:46Leo - Geoff Allen
22:25:10Rabbit - Ella Richardson
32:27:45Sonic - Gabby Knight
42:28:11Chopra's Choice - Heather Taylor
52:30:35Hugh Aggleton
62:36:21Team Royal Marines A
72:37:28Hywel Davies
82:38:54Team Royal Marines B
92:41:36Team B.a.d.
102:43:39Team #Awesome
112:44:55Lucie Custance
122:45:39Paul Jegou
132:46:03Dolly - Nigel Andrews
142:46:08Robin Woods
152:46:48Andrew Reynolds
162:47:05Jez Brown
172:47:12David Bruce
182:48:08Team Dudley Kingswinford Rc - A
192:48:23Connor Carson
202:48:24M&m - Kris Mason
212:48:47Lily Langtree - Kate Gillam
222:48:47Menna - Luke Stanley
232:49:38Purple Jack - Carol Aston
242:51:57Nathan Brickman
252:52:43Paul Sorrell
262:53:28Team Dudley Kingswinford RC - B
272:54:31Robert Knight
282:55:01Sunshine Lass - Meryl Thomas
292:55:19Robert Chenery
302:56:29Marcel Darling
312:57:43Team Scabby Donkeys
322:58:03Simon Lewis
332:59:15Tim Clayton
342:59:18Bright Dawn Sue Loveridge
352:59:37Kenny Malton
362:59:47Rachel Chambers
372:59:50Robert Dennes
382:59:54Systemaatic Golden Girl - Abigail Summerfield
393:00:52Jaroslaw Motyka
403:01:02Benjamin Sinclair
413:02:15Tim Livesley
423:02:19Delfan Albert - Carolyn Thomas
433:02:19Mill On The Floss - Caroline Dawson
443:02:19Jc - Jeff Green
453:02:32Team Headington Mixed 2
463:02:50Team Brooksters
473:03:18Ben Renshaw
483:03:22Steve Davies
493:03:25Team Ponty Penguins
503:03:51Gary Pearson

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