Windsor Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
51Phil Renna2:20:27
52Louise Croxson2:20:37
53Nick Compton2:20:41
54Andrew Lecocq2:20:48
55Will Manns2:20:48
56Antony Brown2:20:50
57Guy Green2:20:56
58Graham Quick2:21:01
59Mark Higginbotham2:21:02
60Ashley Russell2:21:05
61Rasmus Bojsen2:21:06
62Scott Cowling2:21:08
63Graham Starmer2:21:13
64Yann Umbricht2:21:17
65Thomas Hilder2:21:21
66Nicholas Clarry2:21:23
67Luke Muir2:21:23
68Tom Chisnall2:21:25
69Rob Argles2:21:26
70Lauri Kyt÷maa2:21:30
71Rich Kinnersley2:21:48
72Richard Greatbatch2:21:48
73Guy Middleton2:21:51
74Matthew Woodgate2:21:55
75Kevin Garlick2:21:56
76David Pleming2:22:03
77Team "i'm In, On Basis We Don't Take It That Seriously"2:22:14
78Paul Brewis2:22:19
79Stephen Carlisle2:22:23
80James Hey2:22:31
81Scott Thompson2:22:39
82Tarek Mouganie2:22:40
83Mick O' Sullivan2:22:44
84Ashley Arundel2:22:52
85Ian Forrest2:22:57
86Jakub Faglio2:23:00
87Timothy Hale2:23:05
88Nick Flower2:23:13
89David Brenda2:23:17
90Rob Baylis2:23:22
91Karl Fisher2:23:27
92Harvey Bennett2:23:32
93Alisdair Thornton2:23:37
94George Haigh2:23:41
95William Linton2:23:42
96Gregory George2:23:44
97Neil Clelland2:23:57
98Jon Clark2:23:58
99Scott Hoskins2:24:04
100Richard Olver2:24:05

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail:

0208 391 3913