Arundel Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Team Physio Fitness Wellbeing1:56:54
2Hamish Wilson2:02:49
3Team And Relax2:06:09
4David Ardley2:09:56
5Thomas Garner2:10:42
6Team Splash Mash And Dash2:11:57
7Paul Heath2:13:17
8Michael Hartland2:13:35
9Dominic Townsend2:14:04
10Malcolm Hughes2:15:00
11Colin Chambers2:15:32
12Team The Family & Friends2:17:09
13Andrew Ruffer2:17:15
14Graeme Blair2:17:26
15Damian Crawford2:18:18
16Adam Wilkinson2:19:44
17Keith Rochfort2:20:01
18Bruce Salter2:20:16
19Robert Searle2:20:33
20Matt Whittaker2:21:11
21Stephen Hasler2:21:14
22Jonathan Earnshaw2:21:50
23Tom Seal2:22:01
24Tom Atkins2:22:13
25Laura Starmer2:22:16
26George Middleton2:22:31
27Tom Frith2:22:32
28Michael Barrett2:23:53
29Neil Buchan2:24:03
30Matthew Simmonds2:24:14
31Mark Simmonds2:24:16
32Mal Burden2:24:21
33Gary Cullen2:24:26
34Matthew Pachent2:24:40
35Michael Pedel2:24:55
36Olly Evans2:25:16
37Ralph James2:25:46
38Vince Freeman2:25:54
39Micaela Floyd2:26:00
40Mike Morris2:26:00
41Duncan Stephenson-Gill2:26:07
42Dan Spalding2:26:12
43Stephen Cousins2:26:18
44Team Duracell Bunnies2:26:22
45Matthew Harding2:26:32
46Philip Simmonds2:26:59
47Peter Wallis2:27:00
48Timothy Alcock2:27:28
49Mark Betts2:27:29
50Danny Halpin2:27:33

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