Worthing Triathlon 2015


Pos.Participant Finish time
301Geraldine Howard2:49:35
302Josh Edwards2:49:46
303Michelle Gautier2:50:06
304Emma Houghton2:51:15
305Graham Inglis2:51:19
306Christopher Holland2:51:32
307John Allen2:51:34
308Doug Mctaggart2:51:36
309Michael Abousselam2:51:51
310Joan Lennon2:51:53
311Mark Derry2:52:10
312Andy Vincent2:52:11
313Suzanne Harradine2:52:24
314Colin Simpson2:52:52
315Hilarie Maisie Johnston2:52:53
316Craig Shuttleworth2:52:55
317Derek Barlow2:53:05
318Liz Clegg2:54:06
319Benjamin Garman2:54:13
320Rachael Wadlow2:54:34
321Keith Walker2:54:40
322Christine Rivers2:55:08
323Catherine Kwan2:55:52
324David Cunningham2:56:00
325Rob Kinnison2:56:33
326Paul Hutchinson2:56:42
327Martin Davies2:56:43
328Grant Smalley2:57:03
329Katy Toms2:57:23
330Nicky Deane-Simmons2:57:39
331Sarwjit Sambhi2:58:37
332Cliff Shardalow3:00:19
333Jason Hitchen3:00:21
334Sharon Tidmarsh3:00:31
335Bill Hitchcock3:00:49
336Emma Keys3:01:42
337Eogan Mckenna3:01:49
338Claire Townsend3:02:01
339Deb Munton3:02:46
340Virginia Graham3:03:41
341Steve Belt3:04:19
342Roger Brewer3:05:09
343Catherine Bellsham-Revell3:05:22
344Claire Illingworth3:05:31
345Vernon Thomas3:05:32
346Eric Salomon3:06:05
347Jackie Drew3:06:36
348Janet Shepherd3:08:17
349Catalin Ciocan3:08:20
350Lesley Kernaghan3:09:22

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@rawenergypursuits.co.uk