Adnams Southwold 10k 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
5511:02:58Jane Samkin
5521:02:59Lucy King
5531:03:05Sarah Sparkes
5541:03:09Daniel Ribbits
5551:03:10Jane Ling
5561:03:10Dave Manning
5571:03:17Iain Hunter
5581:03:22Sue Edwards
5591:03:26Denise Ford
5601:03:29Matthew Hullis
5611:03:29Marie Hullis
5621:03:33Roby Lawrence
5631:03:38Paul Robinson
5641:03:46Sarah Cooke
5651:03:56Lindsay Coulter
5661:03:56Anthony Coulter
5671:03:59Sarah Marsh
5681:04:15Paul Jerman
5691:04:15Lucy Halford
5701:04:15Jake Elsmore
5711:04:17Tonya Lindley-gill
5721:04:25Matt Oakley
5731:04:34Esther Kiehl
5741:04:35James Gilbert
5751:04:36Katie Alexiou
5761:04:39Lindsey Hines
5771:04:39Rebecca Wade
5781:04:39Prasan Modasia
5791:04:41Anna Brown
5801:04:43Ellen Allright
5811:04:43Eric Allright
5821:04:46Mathew Simmons
5831:04:48Naomi Baxter
5841:04:56Ginny Hibbert
5851:04:57Rebecca Wilson
5861:05:04Matt Brewer
5871:05:07Claire Green
5881:05:08Kate Long
5891:05:10Amanda Brewster
5901:05:13Sharon Collin
5911:05:17Nancy Oliver
5921:05:21Eleanor Berry
5931:05:22Rhonda Horne
5941:05:30Lynne Gill
5951:05:40Stacey Townsend
5961:06:03Judith Miller
5971:06:03Sarah Stacey
5981:06:14Hannah Barnes
5991:06:17Nicky Illingsworth
6001:06:28Carl Cooper

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