Pos.Finish time Participant
12:17:58Deliva Crianza - Lindsey Walters
22:22:38Chopra's Choice - Heather Taylor
32:25:04Rheidol Petra - Iola Evans
42:25:11Super Sonic - Samantha Owen
52:25:11Oliver Twist - Fiona Griffiths
62:37:51Ross Macdonald
72:39:46Jarlath McKenna
82:39:59Tom Fairbrother
92:41:56Royal Marines B
102:43:13Leo - Geoff Allen
112:43:46Hywel Davies
122:45:29Toby Pearson
132:49:20Royal Marines A
142:49:38Dominic Jones
152:50:20Sam Humphrey
162:50:26Westbury Harriers 'The Running Men'
172:54:40Only Fools And Horses
182:55:52WFA Leena - Charlotte Saunders
192:56:47Bright Dawn - Sue Loveridge
202:57:11Kevin Doyle
213:00:093 Horsemen of the Apocalypse
223:00:23Con - Angie Lloyd
233:00:23Cwmceffyl Autumn Breeze - Alison Smale
243:00:34Alberto Lapedriza
253:01:00Axel Manzano
263:03:01Christian Jones
273:03:13Tim Livesley
283:03:24Nathan Brickman
293:04:30Robin Woods
303:04:51Mike Evans
313:04:58Ciaran McQuade
323:06:02Anthony Glover
333:06:08Delfan Albert - Carolyn Thomas
343:06:23Emily Lagomarsino
353:07:15Nathan Flear
363:07:39Ian Clark
373:08:05Phil Thorne
383:08:25Tom Heard
393:10:36Croft Ambrey
403:11:08And Davison
413:11:08Tim Carter
423:11:54John Terry
433:12:04Nicola Sykes
443:12:25Sam Mayglothling
453:12:41Felix Young
463:12:59David Allen
473:13:12Stafford Rees
483:13:17Simon Lewis
493:13:23Nerys Jones
503:13:35Why the Long Race?

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