Chicks Chase #1 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant
5133:24Lucy Jackson
5233:34Louise Janes-Gamble
5334:00Lorie Sutton
5434:24Janine Young
5534:28Abbey Vallance
5634:29Ali Rutherford
5734:29Tracy Beesley
5834:30Angela Norris
5934:33Caroline Jackson
6034:41Julia Small
6134:47Jenny Stones
6235:02Melanie Jordan
6335:04April Meadows
6435:09Kelly Clarke
6535:44Vanessa Taibo
6635:48Anne Bonson
6735:57Alison Culver
6836:14Hayley Bennett
6936:22Lynn Maddocks
7036:30Becky Woodgate
7136:39Dawn Robinson
7236:44Annie Peet
7336:59Debbie Driver
7437:18Debbie Cave
7537:41Janice Scadden
7637:45Ula Krajinska
7738:45Rachel Hill
7839:16Lyndsey Klein
7939:16Olivia Graves-Morris
8039:45Katherine Feander
8139:45Tricia Sherwood
8240:17Michaela Nowik
8340:17Arlette Sanchez-Garcia
8441:32Heidi Young
8546:48Victoria Hodges
8646:54Jacqui Mills
8747:54Lottey Gates
8849:33Stefanie Hills
8950:40Becky Carton
QUERY-Lesley Crosby

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