Tour De Test Valley Sportive 2016


2:42:26Michael Allocca
3:16:53Lottie Anderson
3:31:29Alice Andrews
2:51:45Jo Andrews
2:57:19Sarah Anniss
2:42:29Anthony Anyim
2:33:05Becky Appleby
5:11:14Ian Ashmore
3:43:06Mandy Atkinson-Willes
3:26:29Nick Atkinson-Willes
3:53:57Harrd Badham
3:42:36Dominic Baker
2:55:30Carolyn Balfour
2:49:51Annabel Banham
2:49:52Jonathan Banham
2:22:13Joshua Banham
2:55:48Victoria Barrio
2:52:59David Basford
1:58:34Nile Battey
3:42:33Hannah Beckett
5:11:18Simon Belson
2:51:46Kirsty Benton
4:50:22Rachel Besant
4:48:56Alima Boog
3:42:35Yolly Bosiger
3:13:10Guy Bristow
3:09:37Mia Brookes
3:39:53Chloe Brown
2:37:00Michael Bryant
4:04:15Martin Buck
2:56:05Natalie Bunker
3:41:06Simon Burrows
3:42:32Ann Cashell
3:42:39Clive Cashell
3:42:22Jess Cashell
3:42:36Kiri Cashell
2:31:54Paul Cayless
5:17:13Gemma Channell
2:55:51Jo Chastney
3:36:27Ellice Clark
4:37:01David Cleghorn
2:44:46John Connelley
2:56:05Sarah Craig
3:23:03Melanie Crichton
5:54:10Richard Crichton
2:32:02O Crowden
3:56:01R Crowden
3:15:42Paul Cullen
2:34:22Brian Cunliffe
2:34:23Helen Cunliffe

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