Tour of Milton Keynes 2016


Pos.Finish time Participant Club
516:15Thomas ArdronMarshall Milton Keynes AC
526:16Mervyn PhillipsMarshall Milton Keynes AC
536:21Sasha Oram JonesResultsbase Ltd
546:23Kat Wells
556:26Sarah LawrenceRedway Runners
566:26Terry DownMarshal Milton Keynes Ac
576:27Siobhan Dyer
586:30Jessica AnsteeAff
596:31Martin Wilson
606:31Rudi ChaplinRedway Runners
616:32Chris MahonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
626:33Ian DaveyRedway Runners
636:33Kelvin SmithMarshall Milton Keynes AC
646:34Maria CalleiaMarshall Milton Keynes AC
656:35Peter TyeMarshall Milton Keynes AC
666:35Juile JonesMarshall Milton Keynes AC
676:37Carissa Wells
686:39Alastair Cameron
696:41Paul MasonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
706:42Robert AndersonMK Lakeside Runners
716:42Chris JeanesRedway Runners
726:47Malcolm KidbyMarshal Milton Keynes
736:47Victoria Kirschner-HeavensMarshall Milton Keynes AC
746:54David Findel-HawkinsMarshall Milton Keynes AC
756:56Keith CookMarshal Milton Keynes Ac
766:58Helen WhalleyRedway Runners
776:59David Cullum
787:05Michael Hockney
797:06Gary Marshall
807:24Viv MurphyRedway Runners
817:28Lilli Stickley
827:29Louis Jones
837:29Natalie Oram-JonesResultsbase ltd
847:32Jane Wells
857:32Ian StevensRedway Runners
867:34Tina McgrealRedway Runners
877:37Grace Davey
887:42Lucy FitzgeraldRedway Runners
897:42Hazel CockerillMarshall Milton Keynes AC
907:44Andy HarrisonRedway Runners
917:46Tara NeedhamRedway Runners
927:50Rebbeca PotterRedway Runners
937:56Ed Davey
948:00Lisa FarmerResultsbase ltd
958:00Kaytee Bird
968:13Nicole BoddingtonMarshall Milton Keynes AC
978:24Karen BugajMarshall Milton Keynes AC
988:31Chloe Stiles
998:37Sam MillerRedway Runners
1008:44Marilyn Hurrell

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