Alnwick Triathlon 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
1Graham Crammond58:57
2Lewis Timmins1:01:24
3Matt Collison1:02:02
4Kris Whitelaw1:04:12
5Michael Hindmarch1:04:46
6Darren Mcbain1:05:12
7Lee Tait1:05:31
8Phil Hall1:05:54
9Isaac Moss1:06:28
10Aidan Pinkney1:06:50
11Martin Heardman1:07:11
12David Cunningham1:07:48
13Mike Little1:07:50
14Ian Walton1:09:00
15Alistair Maxwell1:09:04
16Ben Dixon1:10:12
17Nicholas Thornton1:10:52
18Stephen Locker1:10:58
19Keith Mcminn1:11:41
20Peter Moralee1:12:50
21Stephen Johnstone1:13:34
22Andrew Wilde1:13:45
23Daniel Turnbull1:14:04
24Alan Copland1:14:06
25Jona Aal1:14:27
26Andrew Riley1:14:31
27Chris Dresser1:14:41
28John Lillie1:14:54
29David Bell1:15:02
30Paul Bernardelli1:15:03
31Peter Mcewan1:15:21
32Mike Pinkney1:15:31
33Richard Kirby1:15:35
34Christine Burns1:15:56
35Matthew Briggs1:16:09
36Lyndsey Curry1:16:11
37Lee Head1:16:25
38Stephen Nicholson1:16:32
39Peter Murphy1:16:35
40Chris Heppell1:16:36
41Alicia Lauckner1:16:59
42Alan Turnbull1:17:28
43Chris Hall1:17:56
44Daniel Birchall1:18:09
45Ian Mcewan1:18:44
46Jan Lauckner1:19:12
47Kim Redpath1:19:21
48Mark Todhunter1:19:35
49Tony Jackson1:19:42
50Patrick Lally1:19:56

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