Pos.Finish time Participant
14:40:00Gareth Noot
24:42:46Will Peshall
34:51:18Jakob Bloch
45:00:24Madeleine Bowler
55:22:39Camilla Stewart
65:43:34Anne Fison
75:50:19Lauren Blatherwick
85:52:50Julia Drell
95:57:56Peter Trudgeon
105:58:00Tobin Gordon
116:01:23Francis Murray
126:01:23David Foxall
136:04:28Nick Durrant
146:08:49Paul Elliott
156:20:00Stephen Rudolf
166:20:16Vickie Doy
176:20:19Simon Doy
186:20:39Dave Standing
196:25:28Melinda Hudson
206:37:52Pip Lock
217:02:57Jenni Thompson
227:26:12Chloe Harding
237:26:46Bessie O'dell
247:51:24Richard Cleary
257:51:26Bex Cleary
269:02:07Hailey Shearman
279:02:09Belinda Southwell
289:17:13Stephen Corrall
299:17:40Mandi Woodford Wright
309:20:47Robin Howard
319:20:48Alan Nelson
329:35:01Shellie Potter
339:39:50Siobhan Pollock
3410:32:41Samantha Smith
3510:32:43Elaine Smith
3610:36:53Yvonne Haynes
3710:48:33Nichola Flint
3811:13:03Teresa Butcher
3911:13:03Helen Dunsmore
4011:19:50Monica Lockett
4111:19:51Valerie Cross
4211:40:28Jane Clelland
4312:36:20Jennifer Griggs
4412:44:16Maria Wilson
4513:08:34Leigh Casey
QUERY-Karen Ross
QUERY-Anna Skip Worth

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