Bibno. Participant CategoryDistance
498"Blood, sweat and beers" -The Lakesman Relay
496"Rag, Tag and Bobtail" -The Lakesman Relay
992"Splash, flash and dash" -The Lakesman Half Relay
998#nashforlionel -The Lakesman Half Relay
494#TeamWolfPack -The Lakesman Relay
999#whitestags - Hartlepool Tri -The Lakesman Half Relay
106106 -The Lakesman Half
602602 -The Lakesman Half
930930 -The Lakesman Half
993993 -The Lakesman Half
745Abby Dorani(F) 25-29The Lakesman Half
495-3Adam Cairns(M) 25-29The Lakesman Relay
629Adam Slaughter(M) 25-29The Lakesman Half
998-1Adrian Bell(M) 35-39The Lakesman Half Relay
247Adrian Clark(M) 45-49The Lakesman
632Adrian Holme(M) 50-54The Lakesman Half
228Adrian Kendrick(M) 55-59The Lakesman
333Adrian Marshall(M) 45-49The Lakesman
18Adrian O'brien(M) 40-44The Lakesman Half
341Adrian Sowerby(M) 50-54The Lakesman
284Adrian Tonge(M) 55-59The Lakesman
486-3Aidan Grant(M) 40-44The Lakesman Relay
97Alan Cornthwaite(M) 40-44The Lakesman
334Alan Mackay(M) 45-49The Lakesman
24Alan Mcgeen(M) 55-59The Lakesman
587Alan Mckee(M) 50-54The Lakesman Half
672Alan Pimlott(M) 30-34The Lakesman Half
728Alan Young(M) 30-34The Lakesman Half
817Alex Foster(M) 35-39The Lakesman Half
771Alex Llewellyn(F) 30-34The Lakesman Half
325Alex Mead(M) 35-39The Lakesman
331Alexandra Whale(F) 35-39The Lakesman
776Alison Matthews(F) 35-39The Lakesman Half
142Alun Hall(M) 55-59The Lakesman
585Amanda Ingram(F) 40-44The Lakesman Half
3Amanda Kirtley(F) 45-49The Lakesman
404Amanda Mcaleavey(F) 25-29The Lakesman
486-2Amanda Skeldon(F) 40-44The Lakesman Relay
495-1Amy Mulley(F) 25-29The Lakesman Relay
855Amy-Jo Hooley(F) 35-39The Lakesman Half
256Andre Palmer(M) 45-49The Lakesman
684Andrea Turkovic(F) 35-39The Lakesman Half
401Andreas Gustavsson(M) 35-39The Lakesman
222Andrew Arnell(M) 40-44The Lakesman
10Andrew Atkinson(M) 60-64The Lakesman
184Andrew Baker(M) 50-54The Lakesman
673Andrew Brown(M) 50-54The Lakesman Half
513Andrew Coulton(M) 45-49The Lakesman Half
784Andrew Dobson(M) 45-49The Lakesman Half
534Andrew Eland(M) 45-49The Lakesman Half

Number: 898